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I'm getting really tired of finding my pictures on the webb on so many sites. 
Just stop take my pictures without my permission.

I have a list of all the sites that have stolen so you are not good at hiding it. 

/ An angy Photographer
I just need to write this down.

I have had many pictures stolen from my Deviantart account to sites like,, and so on. I DO NOT give out permission for people to use my pictures to those sites (or any sites without my permission). I'm sick and tired of people claiming that they are me. This is in fact MY account with my pictures and I don't give out permission for usage.

I'm a member of every one of the sites where the stolen pictures are used against my will and I'm also one of the crew members on four of the sites.
• On I own the stable SpecialEdition (Support)
• On I own the stable SpecialEdition
• On I own the stable Sunshine/SpecialEdition
• On I own the stable Peak/Javelin
• On I own the stable SpecialEdition/Javelin
• On I own the stable Special/SpecialEdition

So if there is someone else than the accounts written above who give out permission or try to sell the images - they're lying and have stolen the images. If you see anyone you suspect are stealing from me - please send me a mail telling me :)

Thanks for reading!
Malin Hultman - Pebels